Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a Happy Boy!

Luke enjoyed some play time today on his activity mat. So much in fact that afterward he had a nice lukewarm bottle and went down for a nap. I'm not sure what he's bracing himself for in the picture of him sleeping, but it was kind of funny!

Luke also went in for his 3rd weight check today and he passed with flying colors. He actually gained 9 ounces in a week so he is up to 8lbs, 11oz. I've been calling him "little piggy" because he eats nearly every hour and a half. He has given Mom and Dad the occasional 4 hour sleep stretch, but unfortunately it's still pretty inconsistent and therefore only feels like a tease!
Oh, and unfortunately you can't capture this with a picture...but Blake is now counting to 10 all by himself! Pretty soon he will be smarter than us!

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...

We wanted to take a picture of Luke's brown hair before it all falls out and he goes through a weird re-growth phase like Blake did. I have a hunch that he will end up being a little blondie like his big brother.

Double Fist'n...

Means something a little different when you are in your 30's with 2 kids! Hard to believe Blake was even smaller than Luke just 2 short years ago. Look at those bird legs!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Out for a stroll...

Mommy and Luke went on their first of many, many, many walks today. It was so pretty outside and we both needed some fresh air! Luke was alert the whole time and didn't make a peep! We put a lot of miles on this stroller with Blake and I'm sure we'll do the same with Luke!

Pirates and Princessess

Blake went to his first birthday party this past weekend. His gal pal Chloe turned 2 and hosted an awesome "Pirates and Princesses" birthday party! The party was complete with pirate hats, swords (foam) and a treasure hunt!
Blake and Chloe had a blast sharing rides on her new caterpillar toy and playing with her mini washer. If only the pictures could reveal the hysterical squeals these two were making!

The highlight of the party came at the end when we were preparing to leave. Chloe was saying goodbye to another friend and was asked to kiss the baby. Right as someone was saying "kiss", Blake came running around the corner and bent down and planted a kiss right on Chloe's cheek! It couldn't have been scripted any better! We were all laughing so hard that Blake got a little embarassed.

Mommy, Daddy and Luke had a good time too!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy 1 Week Birthday Luke!

We've officially made it through your first week! It's hard to believe a full week has already passed. It seems like we were just in the hospital watching the hours pass by wondering when you were going to make your grand entrance. Happy Birthday Little Luke!!

New Shoes

These were just too cute! As is everything that is about 1/100th of it's normal size!

Thanks to all of our visitors...

We've had so much fun showing Luke off this week! We enjoyed our visit with the Krone family and Blake at the hospital on Saturday morning. Then our friends Alissa and Betsy came by to sneak a peek at the new little guy.

On Sunday, we were excited to introduce Luke to Auntie Jen and Uncle Adam and Baby Jonathan. Auntie Megan was also able to come and visit. I'm sure she was very anxious to meet Luke as Mommy made this a long pregnancy for her too!

We also had a fun visit with Heidi B and Sarah on Thursday. Blake had an especially good time entertaining his new audience! And today we had a really great time visiting with Alissa and Stella. It's amazing to see how fast they grow - so hard to believe Stella is 10 months old today!

Thanks to everyone for coming over to visit and sending your well wishes our way. We truly appreciate all of your kindness!

Our First Week...

has been such a whirlwind! We've been busy but also having fun getting used to our newly expanded family. Mommy and Luke were very happy to have Daddy home all week. We napped a lot and Mommy got to rest whenever she needed to. We were sad to see Daddy go back to work today.

Luke's first trip was to Target at 3 days old...Blake's 1st excursion too at 4 days old. When your Mommy has worked there for 8 years it becomes a rite of passage! Then we visited Mommy's doctor, made a trip to Costco and Luke had his 1st dr. appt. He is down to 8lbs and is in the 50-75% percentile for all of the major stats (height, weight, head). The doctor said he was just great.

Most of the days are spent sleeping and eating, but we do get a few hours where Luke is alert and taking in all of his new surroundings. Blake loves to "hug" Luke before he leaves for school and as soon as he gets home. He is doing a really good job holding him and has been very gentle. He tried to teach Luke to crawl (see photo above) one evening which was super cute to see. He was also very excited to wear his "big brother" tshirt to school on Monday. It scored him some major attention with his new and old teachers. The teachers from his infant room were very excited to hear about our new addition as he will be joining them in 11 short weeks.
Overall it's been a great first week and we are so lucky to have been able to spend this time together. We are so thankful for our two beautiful, healthy and happy little boys!

Burrito's anyone?

This might be one of my favorite pictures yet! Blake was very interested in the process of wrapping Luke up like a "burrito" so he went and got his "yellow" blanket and asked to be wrapped up too. He thought it was as funny as I did. It also makes me realize how big Blake is getting compared to his little brother Luke!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

We are so happy to introduce Luke William Jarrett to all our friends and family! He made his grand entrance on Friday, July 11th at 2:45 pm. Weighing in at 8lbs 6oz and 20 inches long, he is as healthy as can be and simply perfect. Luke is a name we liked from round 1 and William is a family name we chose in honor of one of Kurt's grandfathers. He looks a lot like his big brother, but also has many "just Luke" features. He has brown hair just like Blake did...but you can see that didn't last very long! He will most definitely have blue eyes and that extra pound is already showing up in his chubby little cheeks and chin.

Mommy was very excited that he decided to arrive 4 days early...especially since he was already 8 1/2 pounds! Labor and delivery went as well as to be expected and Mommy is doing really well. We were so fortunate to have had our favorite Doc deliver him and we had an amazing pair of nurses to help us through it all.

Blake was able to meet his little brother "Wuke" on Saturday morning and what a special treat that was. We aren't convinced he realizes Luke is going to be around for awhile, but it was so precious to see him hold Luke and to witness both o our children together for the first time.

We are forever in debt to our friends Mindy, Jerod and Griffin for adopting Blake this weekend. Even with a 2:00 am phone call and taking care of two 2 year old boys all weekend...they still want to be our friends!! We are also so grateful for the Funderburk family and helping us out with Molly. She had a great time visiting her BFF Cali!

Thanks to everyone who has visited, called and sent well wishes our way this weekend and to all of you who kept me sane for the last few weeks...months. We can't wait for you to all meet him.

Here are some pics to get things started...there will certainly be lots more!