Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Follow the "Band" Leader...

The phrases "monkey see, monkey do" or "follow the leader" have never had more meaning to us. We are constantly laughing at these two and seeing how much Luke tries to mimic everything Blake says or does. It is adorable, endearing, comical and brilliant all at the same time. We love watching these two interact and it's wonderful to see how much Luke looks up to his big brother. Of course they have their "moments" where even I wonder how much money we could get out of them in the WWF circuit...but for the most part they are a sweet pair of brothers. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to just sit back and watch as life moves so quickly and we don't want to miss anything.


Ought Oh! Someone got caught! Luke has been much more of a climber than Blake ever was and his newest challenge has been chairs (and our kitchen table!). He particularly likes the chair in the office because than he can reach the computer. Little stinker!

Brotherly Love

Just another ordinary day :)

Fresh Air

We were so fortunate to have gotten some much needed fresh air on Sunday. It was a beautiful day for March in Minnesota. This week and last have brought some unseasonable temps and rain that are actually melting our snow. We can finally see our whole driveway again! The boys had tons of fun trying out Blake's early birthday present...a little 4-wheeler. He has been a little intimidated by it the last month as it has sat in our garage. After a short Father/Son talk (which means Kurt told him Chloe and Aleksandra could do it...Blake already has a little competitive side to him) he was ready to go. And he's really good at it. Luke and Monkey George got in on the action too. Blake even offered to take me for a ride! Luke is just itching to get his own turn on it, but that's going to be a few more years. He did enjoy riding down our driveway in his "cozy coupe" and crashing into the iceberg at the end! We are already excited for this weekend and the forecast for TWO sunny days in the mid-40's!!