Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just Another Day

Things have been normal, busy and of course fun around here the last week. We had a little bit of a tough week with Blake. He got a cold that turned into a respiratory infection that turned into a week full of breathing treatments, that turned into a 2 hour doctor appt and his first chest x-ray. We are just glad he did not have pneumonia and end up in the ER. Blake is on an asthma action plan where we give him breathing treatments almost daily, but sometimes a cold or infection will sneak in there and escalate things faster then we can treat it at home. So, he's fine, but had a couple of tough days.

Luke had a funny week. We discovered he had a few talents that we didn't even know about it. He can sign "more" and "all done" now. He can move his arms to the "wheels on the bus" song (this is adorable by the way). He can tell you what sounds a horse, sheep and cow make. And he can say "I did" when you ask him something. We are pretty sure he has two more bottom teeth about to make an entrance...I sure hope so. We are also pretty sure his pukie problem is because he eats TOO much TOO fast! This kid is a speed eater and rarely even chews - yuk!

No matter what the ailment, life goes on around here like it's just another day! Here are a few pics of the boys just being themselves....

Luke being Mr. Mischievous - I seriously turned my back on him for about 5 seconds!

The boys wrestling. I promise we intervene when someone is about to get hurt. They are usually laughing the whole time. Luke loves to get in there and "mix it up" as his Daddy says!

Messes, messes, and more messes! I had packed up all of our ba-ba's now that Luke is not taking one anymore and the two found the bag and went to town! There were bottle parts EVERYWHERE! I thought Luke would be a little sad when I packed them back up seeing how I cut him off cold turkey a few weeks ago, but he didn't even bat an eye!

Those were some highlights of our week! Here's a video of Luke trying to do some of his new tricks.

Chuck E Cheese

Last weekend Blake and his buddies celebrated Brandon's 3rd birthday at the mecca of all birthday venues...Chuck E Cheese! Dad got to accompany him to this one. :) Blake had a great time managing his tokens & tickets, riding a green tractor and climbing way too high into a tunnel tower that he got stuck in and got totally freaked out. He apparently was not a big fan of Chuck himself and refused to hug him. Not too surprising as he is terrified of Santa Claus!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family Pics 2009

Our pictures are here! I have to say they definitely show both of the boys in their true, beautiful little personalities. Yes, even though Luke was not having the best day...he still is our little "grouch" and often wears that scowl on his face. And, yes, Blake is ALWAYS this silly and what you can't get from the pictures is the corresponding chatter or songs that continually flow from him.

And as you can see from many of Kurt and my expressions...they are the ABSOLUTE loves of our lives. We wake up every day so thankful for these two little miracles and are so proud of each and every accomplishment.

So, enjoy the slideshow! There are quite a few pics in here, but I swear I narrrowed it down from the 250+ we got. Thanks again to the amazing Jac Senske who was able to capture the boys in all of their glory!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mexico or Bust!

Well let's hope the "or bust" part doesn't end up referring to the boys' and my week without Daddy! Yes, Daddy is off to Mexico City again for work. This time an entire week. :( He left today and will be back Friday evening. So far so good. We just got back from an afternoon dip at Chloe's house so Blake is completely worn out and in bed at 5:00. There's a good chance he'll be up and at 'em at 7:30, but I'm going to take my chances. If only I could get little L to bed early...

Use your imagination...

because you are looking at a picture of our future home! We have officially sealed the deal on our new home and this is a picture of our lot! We are very excited to build this home and are even more excited that we will be in it by the end of the year. The neighborhood is in Maple Grove, which is very close to where we live now. The neighborhood has a lot of little kids and the boys will go to one of the best elementary schools in the state. The neighborhood has a private pool and playground that we only have to share with 35 other families and we don't have to worry about the up keep! Everything is custom, so we will be busy the next couple of months putting all the details together. We've already spent the last month deciding on the lot and designing the floorplan and exterior. It will be so much fun to see our dream home come to life!
We've enjoyed our time on Quinwood Lane, but have decided it's time to get the boys in a neighborhood with other children their age and get in the right school district. They will stay in their current daycare so there won't be much change to adjust to. So, we are very excited to forge ahead and will continue to post pictures as construction moves along...digging begins in about 10 days! Stay tuned!

Friday, August 7, 2009


I try not to share these stories too often since it probably doesn't reflect too well on Kurt and I, but this one is too funny to pass up!

This summer, every Friday at school has been "water day" for the preschoolers. Well last night Kurt was talking to Blake about tomorrow being water day and how they would need to pack all his swim gear for school. Then Kurt said something along the lines of, "you might not have water day tomorrow because it's supposed to rain." And Blake replied, "ah shit."

Happy Friday! And yes, it is raining today.

"The Spaghetti Incident"

For some reason all I could think of during Luke's first go at spaghetti was a Guns and Roses album! Maybe it was because the aftermath resembled what I'm sure a backstage mess of their partying calibur would. Anyway...he LOVED spaghetti and I will make it again someday when I have a spare hour to spend cleaning up!