Saturday, September 26, 2009

House Progress

They began the framing process this week and our hole in the ground is really starting to take shape. We drove by at least 4 times this week! It was so much fun to finally get to walk through it and see where the rooms were. It's been so hard to try and imagine how the house is going to look and flow by only seeing a blueprint. So far, we still like the decisions we have made! We were also able to meet some of our new neighbors. They live diagonal from us (you can see their beautiful home in the corner of the second picture below). They have 2 little boys who are 3 1/2 and 21 months! We are excited to get them know them more.

Monday - basement and main floor taking shape. This is the front of the house.

Back of the house.

Thursday- More work on the main floor and garage framed.
The boys had a good time going inside our new house.

Friday - Upstairs starting to take shape. They weren't able to get much done because it rained.

Plymouth on Parade

The boys were in their first parade today. We had the opportunity to be a part of the Step by Step Montessori float at the "Plymouth on Parade" day. We went with our friends, Chad, Natalia and Aleksandra and we thought they would probably be content just watching the parade. But our Mr. Shy Guy jumped out of the wagon as soon as he saw the float and the rest is now history! He could not quit smiling and was so excited to be a part of the parade. Luke rode in his private float (aka stroller) pushed by Daddy and I walked along behind the big float with Natalia and some other parents and passed out tatoos. We had a great time and the fun didn't end with the parade. After the parade there were pony rides, bouncy slides, balloon animals, petting zoo and face painting for the kids to enjoy...for FREE!!

Blake and his buddy Devon having a conversation about the float in front of them.

Going up!

Coming Down!
Luke had fun pushing Aleksandra's wagon around. He was dying for a ride.

More pony rides.

Balloon sword. Such a boy.

Balloon puppy. Sweet girl.

Just Us...

Here are a few pics of the boys around the house lately. We have had been seeing so many changes in molar, lots of babbling, new words, new dance moves and the biggest milestone of all a few steps! He started letting go of things and standing up two weekends ago and then the following week started taking a couple of steps. He rarely does it and when he does it is a major surprise to him! He still prefers the Mommy mode of transportation, but I don't mind too much. Especially now that I realize his immobility is officially over. He still has all of his baby curls and though I said once he starts walking I'll let Kurt cut them, I'm not sure I can. They are just too cute!

Here's the big guy standing all by himself.

Blake and Mommy being silly.

Trying so hard to put on Blake's shoe.
Luke and his 2nd best buddy, Molly.

Luke trying to escape up the stairs. Molly is "spotting" him...or something like that.
Blake entertaining us with a song. Yes, he rarely wears pants and socks at home. He says he is "hot"!
Luke's first powdered donut. He liked it A lot.

Renaissance Festival

We have been so lucky to have had a month full of beautiful, higher than avg temperature, weekends here in Minnesota. Today was no exception, but last Sunday we took advantage of the weather and headed down to Shakopee for the 2009 Renaissance Festival. I've decided I like it tons better then the State Fair. Turns out, we've now been to this Festival about 5 times and the State Fair only once in our 9 years here. There's something about seeing people walking around in medieval costumes, eating a turkey drumstick as big as their thigh and drinking a pint of beer...all at 9 in the morning!

This year, we went with Chloe and Jonny and their families. Blake and Jonny were pretty skeptical of the weirdos (rightly so), but Chloe was a trooper! Though he had to be carried nearly the entire day, Blake did have fun riding an elephant, a pony, petting some sheep and making a magic wand. Luke, as always, was just along for the ride. He was SUPER excited to get his own wand and to watch Blake ride the pony though.

Happy 2nd Birthday Stella!

Last weekend we went over to the Triplett's for a BBQ to celebrate Stella's 2nd Birthday. Wow, how time flies. It seems like she was just born and now she's 2 and has an adorable little sister, Tess! Here are some pics of the birthday girl and the fun afternoon.

Birthday girl opening her gifts.

Blake, Finn and Stella eating cake

Baby Tess

Opening presents

Luke enjoying Stella's toys!

Swimming Lessons

Blake started swimming lessons last week. After 2 sessions we can proudly announce he is jumping off the high dive and has mastered the back stroke. Just teasing! He can kick and blow bubbles. Yes, the very same things he has already mastered in the bathtub, but hey, we need some indoor activities for this winter so swim lessons seemed like a great idea. He is enjoying it and it's a great Blake and Daddy activity. Luke and I went to the first class, but the pool was about 150 degrees if you weren't in the water yourself, so we have decided to stay home from now on.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things are moving fast...

This was big week for the house. First the hole on Tuesday, then the concrete foundation was poured on Wednesday & Thursday and then the waterproofing Friday and today. We've gone over there at least 4 times since Tuesday! Here are a few pics...might not look like anything to you, but we are definitely starting to envision where things are going to be. All of the pics show the foundation and the basement - the future home of Kurt's long awaited pool table!

Back view of basement - family room/rec room will be in the front, the little nook on the front right will be the wet bar, bedroom on back left where the window is and then storage/mechanical room on back right.

Sneak peek of outdoor lights. This one will hang down over the front door.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Hole"-y Moley!

It's official - we have a hole! I've never been so excited to see a hole in the ground! They dug the hole for our new home yesterday. We couldn't wait to drive over and take a look. Blake was more excited to see the digger and bobcat. Though he did think the giant dirt mounds were pretty neat. They were supposed to start pouring the foundation today, but we got a little rain so not sure if it happened. Our builder said the next couple of weeks things will move really fast (barring no rain of course!) and then it will slow down a little as they get into the sheet rock phase. Here are a few pictures of our new dirt!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Just Because...

Blake has loved standing on this couch and looking out the window for as long as I can remember him. He is usually waiting for Daddy to come home from tennis, looking for airplanes, gazing at the moon, studying the weather, trying to identify an unidentifiable noise, or watching Daddy mow. That's what he was doing today and because he was standing there in his Mickey Mouse underpants, I couldn't resist the photo op.