Saturday, January 24, 2009

On the mend...

After nearly 2 weeks of stomach bugs, colds, asthma, pink eye, diaper rash, and another double ear infection...I think we are on the mend. Both boys (and Kurt) have each contributed their fair share to the medical chaos. To say the last 2 weeks have been exhausting and stressful would be a major understatement. Thank goodness we both work for managers and teams that are VERY understanding! Good thing we only have about 4 months of winter left up here.

I Running!

Blake loves to run up and down our long hallway. We have been encouraging it since it's a great energy burner right before bedtime. There is a video clip below of him running.

He also apparently has a new aversion to getting his photo taken. These 2 shots are of him as his anti-photo tantrum was starting. I thought it was funny so I continued to take the pictures. I have no idea what the deal is, I'm sure it's just a phase.

Abstract Art

Blake got a hold of the camera the other night...

I don't know, maybe there is some natural talent here!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We have a sitter!!

Hooray!! He can't stay up for long, but it's still a HUGE milestone! He's been working on his little stomach muscles for a while now so we have been so proud to see him sitting this week. Especially as he has had a really rough he was recovering from an ear infection he picked up a stomach bug, a cold, pink eye and a bad case of diaper rash. Through it all he continued to flash that sweet little smile!

Next stop...crawling!!

Snowy Days

We are always looking for ways to keep Big B occupied on snowy days...
Blake and Daddy tested the new sled that Santa brought Blake.

Blake and Mommy made peanut butter cookies together too. Yum!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Simply's REALLY cold.

It's cold...and I mean really cold up here this week. This morning as we were driving to work the temperature was -22 degrees!!!! And that's not counting the windchill. Ouch - literally. It hurts to be outside for more than a minute. You know you live somewhere that is insanely cold when they do news stories about how you can freeze a banana outside and then use it as a hammer. Seriously. Here's the link to a video demonstration.

Even though I complain about the weather here a lot, there is still no chance of us moving anytime soon (unless we won the lottery or the HGTV Dream House, which Kurt always reminds me we wouldn't be able to keep without our good jobs anyway). So, tomorrow and for many moons after that, we will continue to embrace this bloody cold weather...and will start thinking about paint colors for the inside of my beautiful, beach front condo in the South that I will be retiring to in 25 or so years. Smile.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy 6 Month Birthday!

Happy Birthday "little" Luke! You're definitely not so little anymore. I can't give specific stats because we haven't had your 6 month checkup yet, but I know you are about 19 pounds and easily into your 6-9 month clothes now. You are such a sweetie and have the cutest cheeks! Your brother likes to pinch them (don't worry, not too hard) and sing "chubby cheeks, chubby cheeks" to you.

The fact that I am even writing this post is nearly unbelievable to me...has it really been 6 months? I already knew that time flies once you have kids. I already knew that I wouldn't remember him ever being "that tiny" when I see a newborn at Target. I already knew that by month 2 he would hardly resemble the little guy in those hospital pictures that now make him look like a sumo wrestler. I already knew that I would look back at my maternity leave and wonder what in the world did we do for 12 weeks. I already know how bittersweet it is to slowly leave each phase and yet how fun and exciting the next one is. So if I already know all of this, then why is it still so hard?

I guess it's hard because we love you so much "little dude" (as your brother likes to call you). Happy 1/2 year Birthday!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone...yes, I know, 10 days later! We rang in the New Year as we always do...asleep by 10:00!! Sadly, our kids have nothing to do with our inability to see the ball drop. We haven't seen it in MANY years and even more sadly is that we only have to stay up till 11:00 since we are on central standard time here in Minnesota!

Anyway, we have been keeping busy up here in the frozen tundra! Finding fun, indoor activities is a must around here. We had fun going back to the Children's Museum on New Year's Day with Chloe and her family. We had another playdate that following weekend at the Maple Grove Community Center. They have a really nice indoor play area that the kids like to run around and climb in. It's funny though, they always end up spending the most time out in the common area that has a little Ice Cream Truck and Snow Mobile that you ride on.

Blake continues to amaze us every day. His little spirit and personality fill every room he's in. He is talking so much more and we can actually have conversations with him. He's even becoming helpful...he honestly helped me clean the refrigerator today, carry groceries in the house and make dinner - no joke! He knows all of his colors, shapes and has been reciting the alphabet for a while. His memory is pretty sharp...especially when it comes to promises made by Mommy and Daddy! One bad thing is that he is starting to outgrow his nice 2-3 hour afternoon nap. Oh well, his brother isn't much for napping either so we might as well get used to it!

And that little brother...what can I say?? He lights up our life with his infectious smile and this chuckle that is years beyond him. He is absolutely adorable and is really becoming his own little person too. He is almost ready to roll over back to front and he's started eating peas and green beans. Oh, and he finally got his toes into his mouth this week! Everyday that goes by I get a little sad about the phase we are leaving, but SO excited to see what's next. I know these boys have a lot in store for us!

Again, Happy New Year everyone! We wish all of our friends and family the best in 2009!

"But Mom..."

"I don't want to grow up!" Luke doesn't understand why he has to switch to a big boy car seat. Clearly he was less than thrilled with the idea. Apparently the concept of his Mommy nearly breaking her back everytime she hoists him in and out of the car with the add'l 10-15 pounds of infant carrier doesn't really matter! What he really doesn't get is that this transition is a MILLION times harder on me than him.