Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Luke has been a little bit sick this week. What started out Saturday as a few more poopy diapers than normal, ended up with the blowout of all blowouts about 5 minutes after we stepped foot into Ridgedale Mall. I guess if it's going to happen in public we were at least lucky to be at a mall where Kurt and Blake could quickly go buy some new jammies for Luke to wear home. Luke was having a little trouble correctly pronouncing diarrhea and has been calling it "dino-reena". I thought it was perfect that the jammies Kurt and Blake bought for him at the mall were camo with little dinosaurs on them.

Fast forward to Monday night and Luke could not keep even a drop of water down. Poor little guy, he was so sick and there really wasn't anything we could do for him. I swear he lost all of his baby fat by not eating/drinking for 24 hours. He hardly talked all day Tuesday and barely moved an inch which are definitely a signs of trouble with him. Mama stayed home with him yesterday and today and he's slowly getting back to his sweet and sassy little self! Here's a pic of his new svelte self...

Keep your fingers crossed that the rest of the family does not pick this nasty bug up!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Almost feels like Spring...

We have had a decent weather week...translate that into "no snow." I think we are all starting to get spring fever and have a few fun things to take our mind off of winter. Last weekend we bought Blake his first set of soccer gear! It will be his first "organized" sport and we are so excited for him. Of course I don't know the slightest thing about soccer, but I do know they run a ton and burn a tremendous amount of energy so count us in! Luke has been hit/miss with interest in potty training, so we went ahead and bought him some undies. We haven't actually started training yet and school will certainly bare the brunt of it, but I thought it was so cute to see his little tushie in underpants!!

Oh and Luke and his obsession with "princess Barbie". He carries her most everywhere and even sleeps with her. He was trying to play t-ball outside the other day holding her too! And the ultimate sign of! The Minnesota Twins had their season opener this week and the boys have been learning a classic baseball tune at school. Who knew Luke had such stage presence!

Birthday Fun

We celebrated my birthday last weekend with some wonderful friends, some great grilling and a very yummy cake. Kurt bought me this HUGE bouquet of flowers that made me stop and think "what would Mammaw do with these". So I split them up into 3 vases and voila! We had so much fun and it was a great birthday!

Luke, Mandy, baby James and Blake were entertained by my good friend and neighbor, Heidi's, babysitting duo, Riley and Sarah!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From the backseat...

Here a conversation from the backseat tonight...reminder, Luke is a little bit of a Mama's boy.

Daddy: "Luke, do you want to play trains tonight?"

Luke: "Mommy, why Daddy want to play trains tonight?"

Mommy: "You should ask Daddy that."

Luke: "No Mommy."

Mommy: "Daddy wants to play trains tonight because he loves you."

Blake: "No, because I have to go to swimming."