Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Once again we find ourselves scratching our heads wondering how on earth did we get to the holiday season so quickly and how did another year pass by so fast. I work in retail, this is my life, yet every year I am fascinated at how quickly the months tick away. So here we are! I can't begin to write down all the things we are thankful for, but more than anything we are so grateful for these two little boys and the overwhelming joy they bring to our lives. We are thankful for each other and to have someone else to enjoy this life we call our own with. We are so grateful for all the wonderful people in our lives whom we can call friends and family. This year has brought us even more, as we have met so many wonderful families in our new neighborhood.

We have been enjoying a few nice relaxing days off from work and school. We enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with our neighbors, the Slyter Family, and both sides of their extended family. It was so kind and generous of them to invite us. We had so much fun...tons of kids, great food and great conversation! Yesterday, I got to do a little Black Friday shopping (at 7 camping out at midnight for me). We also enjoyed lunch at our house with Kurt's tennis buddies, Uncle Dave, Uncle Randy and Rodrigo before they all went to play tennis.

I am so excited for December to finally get here. I'm actually 99% done with Christmas shopping so now I can sit back and enjoy the upcoming festivities! The BEST part of all is that we get to spend Christmas with Mammaw and Pappaw this year!! I am SO happy that they are coming to visit and the boys are getting super excited too. Every time I remind Luke that they are coming he asks if Pappaw will have his blue tractor! I don't think that will get through security...

Monkey George and the Meatballs!

Last Sunday, we gave the boys an early Christmas present and took them to see Curious George Live. We have had the tickets for a few months and managed to keep it a secret from them until we got to the show. They both love "Monkey George", as Blake long ago dubbed him, and were so happy to see all the other characters too. And who knew that the entire show would be about MEATBALLS! One afternoon, a while back, as I was getting Luke from school and I asked him what he had for lunch and he told me meatballs. I thought it was funny and perhaps not true so I started laughing. Well, it was true and apparently he loves meatballs so much that after his classmates are done avoiding their meatballs he gets up and snatches them off their plates! So now he tells me that he eats meatballs everyday for lunch!

The boys had a great time and all in all it was a really cute and entertaining show.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Winter has officially begun in Minnesota. Blake woke up so excited and wanted to know if this meant it was Christmas! As much as I'd love to say "it's so pretty" or be appreciative because "there are people in other parts of the country/world that never get snow", I just can't bring myself to be excited. Summer is my season of choice and this officially ends it. After 10 LONG winters in this state I know I will do my best at making it go quickly and finding something to enjoy. The boys are already asking to go sledding and with this storm we might just have enough. So here's to old man winter...and try to make it a short one this year!