Monday, May 30, 2011

Catch Up...

Yes, we are a little behind on life right now. We have teensy bit of good stuff brewing, but more on that soon.

Soccer! Blake's first official organized sport has begun! Bless his little maroon #3 heart...he runs more than anyone else on the field, but mostly away from the ball. He can actually kick quite well, but he gets intimidated by the other kids and easily distracted by mud puddles so not a lot of scoring going on. He gets very excited for the free treats afterward!

Luke has been up to his normal favorites...playing cars and driving his little red car. He started playing "carwash" with his bubble maker once it warmed up. He could play with cars in some way shape or form for hours. Thank goodness!

Kurt and I had an amazing time at the Tim McGraw concert. Unbelievable seats and just a great show. We loved his opener too...Luke Bryan. We were so pumped up for it -worth every penny!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Weekend

Thank goodness Luke was fully recovered by Easter weekend! The boys' school was closed on Good Friday so we took the day off and officially became the best parents EVER by taking the boys to Chuck E Cheese! We went as soon as it opened on Friday so we were the only ones there for a bit which was really nice. The boys had a blast riding all the rides and playing whatever games they wanted. I'll admit...even Kurt and I enjoyed ourselves!

Luke trying to "get" Blake!

Blake's favorite ride was this horse. Think horse meets racecar type of video game...very fun.

Saturday morning we woke up to very chilly temperatures and an Easter egg hunt in our neighborhood. It was fun, but you had to move quick...not to find the eggs, just to stay warm!

All bundled up to hunt for eggs.

Easter Sunday the weather was much better. We had a little visit from the Easter Bunny, a very yummy lunch and then a much needed afternoon playing OUTSIDE! We walked to a park and played with neighbors and had such a great afternoon. Sadly, the warm weather only lasted a day and we are now back to the cold. At this point I am certain there will be no spring this year...let's just hope summer comes early. We hope everyone had a lovely Easter! Aww...the brotherly love. This was genuine too!

Working up a thirst at the park. They had fun digging holes in the sand with their new sand toys.

Trying out their new bubble machines. Squeals abounded!

Dive in! Scouting out what the EB brought them.