Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Cleanup

Blake got in on the leaf clean-up action this afternoon. As you can see he was very helpful by sweeping the leaves out of the garage. He took it very seriously. And yes, those are my shoes...

I go potty...

Every day Blake gets smarter and smarter. On all levels, but he has really sharpened his manipulation skills! His new stall tactic at bedtime is telling us he has to use the potty. We've had a little potty in the bathroom for a long time now. It basically collects dust or has become a step stool when necessary. Though here lately we've been slowly trying to get him to use the potty or at least tell us when he has to go (or has gone) even if he still goes in his diaper.

So the last few nights after we have tucked him in bed and read a gazillion books, he has said "I go potty" and of course we let him get out of bed and go sit on the potty as long as he wants...yes, he rules the roost! Well Wednesday night we brought the potty into his bedroom so Daddy could read to him while he sat on the potty and low and behold, he actually peed! We were so proud of him! I know this is still very early in the potty training stage, but I couldn't believe it was finally happening. Oddly, it makes me a little sad realizing he is growing up and he is not going to be my little baby forever (sniff sniff).

Trick or Treat!!!

Well the big day finally arrived...Luke's first Halloween and Blake's first time Trick or Treating. And it certainly was a "treat!" Blake and Luke both had parties at school today which we heard were very fun. There were 2 other Lions in Luke's class, but I am certain they weren't as cute! This evening we went to Chloe's house where she and Blake hit the town trick or treating for the first time! The Daddy's took them around the neighborhood in the wagon, but I heard after a little while they got the hang of it and nearly ran from house to house! I also heard that Blake was peeking in people's windows and storm doors by the end of their adventure!

After trick or treating they came back to play at Chloe's house where another one of their school friends Johnny joined them. Johnny and Blake had matching Monkey costumes. Sadly, the 2 little monkeys (and a sugar plum fairy) were jumping on the bed and one did fall down and bump his head. So, Blake got his first "goose egg"...and right square between the eyes! I'll have to post a picture of it tomorrow.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Part 1...

Don't worry, there is no Michael Myers in our "Halloween Part 1"! Just a bunch of little kids in cute costumes and goofy eyeglasses!

On Saturday we had a Halloween party at our house for Blake and some of his friends (and our friends too). We had a lot of fun and from the look and sound of it, the kids did too! There were a lot of really cute costumes. "Most Original" definitely goes to our little buddy Jonathan the Sumo Wrestler! His Mommy is super creative so there was no doubt his first Halloween costume would be adorable!

The goofy eyeglasses were a hit...even little Luke got in on the action!

Chloe the Fairy and Blake the Monkey

Hannah as a Lady Bug

Finn a.k.a Bam-Bam

Carter as Elmo

Baby Dylan the Turtle

Little Stella the Panda Bear

Jonathan the Sumo Wrestler

Even better from behind!

Goofy Glasses!


Blake getting a closer look at his goldfish!

Mr. Serious - Luke

Sunday, October 19, 2008

C is for Cars...

As you can see Blake can hardly contain his excitment over his new "car" shoes. He sort of has a thing for shoes, kid or adult sized it really doesn't matter. I would actually classify it as a borderline shoe these were an obvious hit. I took him to get his haircut on Saturday and to run some errands and since he was such a good boy I told him he could get the car shoes/slippers when he spotted them at the store. He took his real shoes off and wore them in the cart the whole time too.

Blake is so funny right now. The sentences are starting to come fast and furiously. We can't keep up with his vocabulary anymore. He repeats everything and the scary part is he actually knows what you are saying. The other night Kurt was putting his jammies on him...the 2 piece tight ones like in the pictures above...and he started saying "too tight Daddy." Then out of nowhere he says "they're Lukey's!" It was so funny!

and B is for Bath...

and oh what a good time he has. With the exception of his first bath, Luke absolutely loves bathtime. He is always smiling and laughing and just a real sweetie...even when he is covered with goosebumps and Mommy is taking 10 times longer than normal so she can get some good pictures! You can also see what a little chunky monkey his is!

B is for Blake....

and backpack and bracelets. Don't ask about the bracelets.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy 3 Month Birthday Luke!

Happy 3 month birthday "Little Luke!" It seems like you've grown a weigh about 14 1/2 pounds now! You've started to come out of your shell and let your little personality shine through. You've started giggling and smiling a lot more. You're always in a good mood when I'm changing you into your jammies at night. You must be really ticklish, because I can get you belly laughing and it is the funniest little sound.

You also discovered your hands this month. It seems like you are constantly trying to get your thumb or hand in your mouth. You have always refused the pacifier, but maybe you are going to be a thumb sucker. I'm not sure which habit will be harder to break...

This week was a big week for you! We love you little guy!!

A Day at the Pumpkin Patch!

Today we enjoyed what was probably the one and only real day of Fall. We met Chloe and her family at a pumpkin patch in Ham Lake to enjoy the beautiful weather and fall colors. When we first arrived we were met with a familiar squeal of delight..."BLAKEY"... from little Miss Chloe.

The kids had such a good time. Blake and Chloe even had their first pony rides! I didn't think Blake would do it...peer pressure is effective even at this young age! Kurt walked around beside him and unfortunately I missed the photo op as I was holding little Luke. We also went on a hayride, stood in line to jump in the bouncy castle (but did not go in when the time came - smile), went through a maze made of hay bales, ate mini donuts and finally, picked out our pumpkins for Halloween!

As you can see they all had a great time!

New Do...

After Luke's bath Wednesday night I "styled" his hair. Daddy thinks the new do might finally get him up to 2 ft, 1! I have to admit it's quite difficult to style a newborn baby's hair...especially when you have to work around a bald spot, a mullet and a comb over!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hug Me...

Today was Luke's 1st day at school so I appropriately dressed him in a shirt that said "hug me" in the hopes that his teachers wouldn't be able to resist holding and hugging him all day. He did have a great day and it wasn't nearly as traumatic as we both thought it would be...for Mommy that is!

He had a busy day...his class got school pictures taken, he took 4 naps, had 4 ba-ba's, checked out all the new equipment (they've upgraded to some really cool swings since Blake was there), and flirted with his teachers. Just as we suspected, he was tuckered out by 7:00!

We had planned on Big Brother B being there to keep a close watch on Luke today, but unfortunately he was under the weather so he had to stay home with Daddy. Tomorrow Blake will officially move up to a new room at Step by Step...the "transition room." Next stop - Preschool!

Oh, and yes, I went back to work today too. It was nice to see my co-workers and friends and catch up on everything I've missed in the last 12 weeks. It is hard to believe that much time has already passed. I truly enjoyed every second of my 3 months here at home with Luke. It's hard to go back when he is so little, but I know there will never be an optimal time. As I reminded him last night, he will never remember this time we spent together, but I will never ever forget.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday Pappaw!!

We hope you had a fabulous day and hope that Mammaw made you some of your favorites! We wish we could be there to help celebrate, but since we can't we thought we would send you our good wishes this way...see below for a shortened version of "Happy Birthday" from Blake!

We wish you many more years (40+) full of love, good health and happiness! Happy 60th, we love you VERY much!

Just for Fun...

I thought it would be fun to show some pics of both the boys at around the same age in the same pose. Luke is a little younger than Blake in them, but is tracking about 2 lbs heavier so that makes up for age!

Little Buddies...

Yesterday we had our first playdate with Crosby and his mother, my good friend, Theresa. Luke is just a week older than Crosby so they make the perfect little buddies.

They were so cute you can see. I'm so glad I got this shot of them "holding hands." Crosby was so laid back and Luke never stops moving so it almost seemed as if Crosby was trying to pat Luke and say "dude, just chill!"
Thanks Schmidt's for having us over!